Turkish Transcription

Converting Turkish audio materials into text versions can be tricky if the process is not managed by professional hands. Our Turkish Transcription Services was designed by most prominent Turkish transcription experts who joined our cause to provide high quality Turkish transcription services. From court hearings and doctors’ notes to business meetings and live broadcasts, there are various types of content which may require Turkish transcription services. Therefore, our services were designed to provide 98% accurate services for any type of content by working with native Turkish professionals who gained expertise in their respective Turkish transcription fields through years of experience.

turkish transcription service

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Turkish Transcription service was built on two pillars: flawless security of your sensitive data and perfect transcription of the content. Audio files can be defined as “good” or “bad” depending on various parameters such as background noise, clarity of speech, and accents. We offer 98% accuracy in Turkish transcription services for good quality audio. Our Transcription services are comprised of 2 stages which include Turkish transcription and cross-correction of the material.

Turkish Transcription Service

Turkish Transcription service was built on two pillars: flawless security of your sensitive data and perfect transcription of the content. Security and confidentiality of your material is our first and foremost priority in Turkish Transcription Services. Our professionals are select individuals who typically display strong background in working on highly confidential materials. Turkish is a large-scaled language which contains many different dialects and mouths. Therefore, Turkish transcription professionals are required to have developed ears that can distinguish various dialects and transcribe accurately.

Perfection in Turkish transcription requires each project to be catered by native Turkish professionals who demonstrate strong background in transcribing the type of material. Whether it is a medical, legal, entertainment or academic transcription project, carefully analyze the audio material to identify the requirements, and assign it to a Turkish transcription professional with expertise in the respective field.

Our Turkish Transcription Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Lectures
  • Conferences
  • Business Meetings
  • Entertainment
  • Workshops
  • Interviews

Turkish Transcription Professionals

The diversity of Turkish language necessitates Turkish Transcription Services to gather diversified resources and professionals to ensure high quality and accuracy in Turkish transcriptions. Our team of Turish Transcription Professionals are native experts who have been working as a transcriber in a particular field for more than 5 years, and show comprehensive knowledge about the various dialects of Turkish. Moreover, we enforce strict NDA agreements with all member Turkish transcription experts in order to ensure security of your confidential material.

Turkish Transcription Project

Turkish Transcription Services are as diversified as the Turkish language and areas of interest go. “Good” or “Bad” classification of the audio material is the most definitive parameter for the pricing of any audio file, and we would be able to provide you with a quote for a high quality, fast, and affordable Turkish Transcription service upon analysing your audio file. Please click the button to request a free quote for your Turkish Transcription Project.